Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Been Quite Some Time!

Figured I would give some updates since it has been quite a while since the last time I had blogged. We are all doing really great. Since the warmer weather the kids have been enjoying going outside to play. I have been enjoying watching them play outside as well. They are growing up so fast. It is just crazy to think of how big they are getting.

I think we are pretty much finished with the apartment for now. We have one bedroom left to paint. We re did the floor in the kitchen, got our new furniture, hung up new pictures, got my new dishware, finished the kids bedroom, fixed the holes that were left in the walls, screened in our patio, and finished our dining room as well. Well, we still have to re stain the dining room furniture because Hollis bought two different tones by accident. We are still waiting on our bedroom doors. We were supposed to have them days and days ago. As usual the landlord proves how worthless they are...

Hollis has been a lot happier since everything has been finished and that we are finally caught up on bills. He has certainly become Mr. Fix it lately lol! He has been doing a lot more with the kids lately and we have been getting out a lot more lately as well. Which is really nice. We used to never do anything because Hollis always wanted to stay home. Not stressing out about finances and everything else has really been a blessing.

Our baby girl, Courtney Anne, is about to turn 3 on us. It is absolutely astonishing how fast time flies by. I miss her being my little baby girl. She is growing up so fast and talks way too much for her own good. She has one attitude like no other. I love her to death. She was 7 lbs and 2 oz when she was born. Now she is 37 lbs and 38 in. She is definitely mommy's big girl. She is so smart. Joanne, from Help Me Grow, has been talking about her starting pre school this year. At 3 years old I am just not ready for her to leave me yet. I am going to go through the Hippa program that way she is still doing pre school work but I am the one working with her. I will send her to pre school next year and she will start kindergarten in 2012. A couple month ago, I was talking to Courtney. I asked her,"What kind of party do you want for your birthday?" Courtney answers me," I want presents." lol! How hilarious. At least she knows what she wants. She is obsessed with the movie Monsters Inc. So we are going to throw her a cute Monsters bday party. I have been looking at different places. My grandmother offered her house for the party, so I think that is our plan. I can't believe I am already planning her third birthday. Seems as though she was just my newborn baby weeks ago...

Eli is growing fast on us too. He is starting to talk so much more. He says hi, bye, no, sissy, mama, daddy, I love you, and are you OK? lol! He wasn't a small baby by any means. He was a 10 lb 2 oz and 21.5 in baby boy. He is now 34 lbs and 32 in. Not far behind Courtney at all. He is definitely 100% boy. He loves to get dirty, run around all day and play with his trucks, he loves to sword fight (foam swords), he is just an absolute blast to be around. He for sure keeps me busy all day long. He is a bit of a movie lover. Some days he can play all day and sometimes he can be one heck of a couch potato. He has been dealing with eczema pretty much his whole life. He has always had it on one spot of his left arm... Now it is every where. I called the Dr and I will be taking him for an appt. tomorrow. He is still my little cuddle bug. He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. I'm so glad because Courtney definitely does not like to cuddle anymore unless she's sleepy.

Being the mother of my two little one's is so amazing. They are my pride and joy. There is never a dull moment with them. Wouldn't change anything about them for the world.

As for me, I have been very busy lately with them and trying to keep this place in order. Living in such a smaller place is certainly difficult to keep it always spotless. Certainly not how we live lol! With two toddlers, there is bound to always be some kind of mess here. I have put going back to school on hold. I need to look into some more info. I don't know what I want to do about school. I know I do want to go back to school, its just deciding where, when, and for what.
We had thought we fixed my car. It runs a little better. It's not fixed though. We now believe my transmission is going out. So, it won't be long till I am without a car again. We have already decided that we are buying a new car next year. Thank God!

So, life is good. I have nothing much to complain about. I have wonderful friends and family. I have recently found who my true friends are, who I can count on, and who I can care less for anymore. All I need is my family. Doesn't matter where we are, or what is going on.... As long as we are all together. Life is amazing!!!