Friday, February 5, 2010

Ugh... Life

So it has been almost a year without a car. I am more than ready to have it fixed. I have been stuck at home, dependant on others for a year now and it is time for that to stop. My brother Nathan is coming over today to look at my car to see what all needs to be fixed. Its just little things that need to be done for my car to run properly. I just never had the money to do it. I put a good amount of money aside from our tax return so there was a chance of having it running very soon. I'm hoping I will have a car before March. Eli has his 15 month check up the first of March and it would be nice to not have to ask Hollis to take off work. I'm ready to be doing these things on my own.
Eli definitely needs his arm looked at again and probably some more antibiotics and steroid cream. He has eczema pretty bad and it keeps coming back in the same spot. They say if I keep it moisturized it will stay under control. Well that isn't the case with Eli. I have switched to a Dove sensitive skin soap, unscented lotion, and he uses his antihistamine like they recommended. It keeps coming back. The only way it stays under control is with his steroid cream, which he isn't able to have all the time. It's not healthy. He is out of his steroid cream. They need to think of something new to do or actually send him to a dermatologist like I have been wanting to for so many months now.
This past Monday we took our cat, Kitty Kitty, to the vet to have him neutered and De-clawed. He was supposed to come home yesterday but they decided to keep him another night. They took the bandages off his paws and he was still bleeding so they didn't want to send him home yet. I tried calling Hollis at work to let him know that he did not need to go and get him. Of course he did not get my message and drove all the way to Georgetown for no reason. He was not happy about it. Oh well, not my fault. Hopefully he gets to come home today and won't be too angry with us. I'm hoping him being fixed will stop him from spraying. If not he's going to have to leave. He is the best cat I have ever had so I don't want to get rid of him. He is so good with my kids no matter how rough they get with him. He takes a lot of crap from my kids. I am going to try to find a safe place for Kitty Kitty to rest while he is healing so my kids can't get to him.
Anyways, that's what is going on today in my life.....

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